Michael Kaplan is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.


With a career spanning two decades in management consulting, Mr. Kaplan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our partnership network. He has offered support to mid-large scale business owners and executives seeking to thrive and innovate in their respective fields with focus on issues of strategy, market analysis, and capability development. 


Known for partnering with bold and determined leaders to deliver value. He has served companies around the world at the board and executive-committee levels across a diverse set of industries including real estate and financial services. Mr. Kaplan is passionate about his work and has built a trusted network of relationships over the years.

Mr. Kaplan holds a MBA in theological studies from Harvard University and a BA from Ohio State. He is fluent in English and conversant in Hebrew, Russian and Chinese.

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ADASAKI Global Advisory operates under the Adasaki Partnership Network™, a global network of professionals working together across geographies,  to bring results. 


We are passionate believers in growth equals opportunity and pursue projects in which our extensive network and operational expertise can drive significant value. Our network size varies per assignment, operating in stealth, with no hierarchy.  

ADASAKI Partnership Network
Motivated to bring results

Michael Kaplan


Susan Lauinger Hoffman


Susan Lauinger Hoffman is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.


Mrs. Hoffman has over 25 years of experience in private equity with an emphasis on wealth and asset management. Mrs. Hoffman is a partner at PIR Equities, an employee owned private equity firm with nearly $1 billion AUM. Prior to that, Mrs. Hoffman was a corporate associate and coordinator at the Blackstone Group and has broad experience advising on a wide range of matters for private and public companies. 


Mrs. Hoffman works with industry leaders on topics from improving operational effectiveness and efficiency to developing new growth strategies and evaluating potential acquisition targets. 

Mrs. Hoffman received her MBA in Finance from the London School of Economics.

Amy Hong


Amy Hong is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

Ms. Hong has worked in the financial services industry in Asia for nearly 30 years. She started her career as an operating officer at HT Capital Management Hedge fund in Hong Kong. She later co-founded and led Sino Sheen Investment Group, a Hong Kong based investment firm focused on real estate and TMT assets, later acquired by Fidelity. Ms. Hong has been advising clients in Asia on due-diligence processes, developing financial plans and M&A opportunities.


Ms. Hong has extensive experience evaluating distressed assets, M&A transactions, including risk management, and performance management.

Ms. Hong holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton Graduate School of Business. 

Joseph Aaron Horowitz


Joseph Aaron Horowitz is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.


Mr. Horowitz brings nearly 30 years of experience in the financial services and real estate industry, as an investor and asset manager. Mr. Horowitz co-founded PIR Equities in 2008, an employee owned private equity firm with over $1 billion in assets. Before that, Mr. Horowitz held various roles at Goldman Sachs, focusing on real estate opportunities and investments. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Mr. Horowitz was a member of the Financial Institutions Group at Morgan Stanley as a senior analyst. 


A strong believer in synthesizing approaches, his technique and experience allows the firm to offer clients a great advantage.


Mr. Horowitz graduated from New York University (NYU) Stern Business School and received an MBA in Finance.


Jeffrey Falczuk


Jeffrey Falczuk is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

Mr. Falczuk is a partner of PIR Equities, an employee owned private equity investment firm with a portfolio in various industries mainly in real estate and ownership in operating businesses within the financial services sector. Before that, Mr. Falczuk was a senior analyst at Lazard, a merchant bank advising and investing across the financial services sector. While at Lazard, Mr. Falczuk worked on a variety of advisory transactions and investment opportunities. 


Mr. Falczuk is an expert in organization and performance improvement practices. He advises clients in the areas of organizational simplification, end to end process redesign, operations and zero based budgeting. Highly skilled in strategic sourcing initiatives, benchmarking, vendor rating and cost reduction programs.

Mr. Falczuk graduated with honors from Hunter College, receiving his B.A. in Economics with a secondary field in Business Administration.


Victor Hussein


Vincent Hussein is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

With more than 10 years of global consulting experience, Mr. Hussein has a particular focus in private wealth management and retail banking. He has worked on a broad range of issues including corporate and business unit strategy, revenue enhancement, cost reduction, cost management, customer management and organization.

In addition, he has worked on multiple commercial due diligences with private equity firms across a broad range of financial services, retail and service businesses.

Mr. Hussein holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BA in from the University of Cambridge.


Grigory Bogomolov 


Grigory Bogomolov is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

An expert in the energy and natural resources industry specializing in Oil & Gas. Based in Moscow, Mr. Bogomolov holds more than 20 years of management consulting experience. Throughout his consulting career, he has served clients across, Russia and the Middle East in the oil & gas, and finance industries. His work within each has emphasized strategy and sustainability. Prior to joining the ADASAKI partnership network he served as a senior executive in a large energy company in Russia with an outpost in the UK.

Mr. Bogomolov holds a PhD in energy and environmental policy from Moscow University, as well as both master's and bachelor's degrees in chemical engineering.


Katya Popov


Katya Popov is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

With over 12 years of experience advising clients in the field of energy & natural resources, as well as the chemicals sector. Ms. Popov holds deep expertise in strategy and organization design. Additional core capabilities include alignment, functional operating model and business unit strategy. Prior to joining ADASAKI partnership network, Ms. Popov held positions within other top consulting firms in Europe and Russia.

Ms. Popov holds a master's degrees in economics from Saint Petersburg University.


Joseph Bracha 


Joseph Bracha is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

Mr. Bracha brings more than twenty-five years of experience in the consumer products sector. He is an calming and wise voice, helping clients with unit strategy, manufacturing plans, logistics and distribution for leading businesses in the apparel, food & beverages, personal care, and durables. He has worked on manufacturing programs helping clients enter new categories and geographies, develop new brands and enhancing capabilities. He has great experience working in the Far East with over two decades of relationships in various manufacturing markets.

Mr. Bracha was an officer in the IDF Computer Division he later received an MBA from Tel Aviv University and also holds a graduate degree in  Economics from Bar Ilan University.


Lior Rahamim


Lior Rahamim is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

A results driven senior accounting and financial services executive with more than 25 years of progressive experience in finance and operations management within startups and financial institutions. 


Mr. Rahamim started his fascination with technology companies while as CFO at Giza Venture Capital – one of the first venture capital firms in Israel with over $600 million under management at its peak. Before that, Mr. Rahamim was a director at PwC Israel, where he worked closely with clients providing financial services and consulting. He has experience advising on a broad range of experience, including working with private companies, financial institutions and large multinational companies. His work to date has included advising multiple startups, performing complex due diligence, forensic accounting and providing interim CFO services to select companies. Mr. Rahamim has been active in the technology sector, advising clients on financial perspectives, business models, online marketing, statistics as well as overall operational strategies.  Overseeing and advising companies operating in Israel, USA and China.


Mr. Rahamim holds a BA in Accounting, Statistics and Operations Research from the Tel-Aviv University in Israel, and an LLM in Law from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He is a certified public accountant.


Prisha Anand 


Prisha Anand is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

A key member of our technology, media and telecommunications practices. Prisha has more than 15 years of industry and consulting experience. Her expertise spans multiple sectors, including consumer wireless services, enterprise telecom, fixed line, telecom infrastructure, handsets and devices, communication equipment and IT services across a range of functional areas including corporate and growth strategy, mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs and divestitures, customer strategy and retention, sales force effectiveness, operations and outsourcing.

Prior to joining ADASAKI, Prisha worked with a global consulting firm and a large Indian conglomerate in their consumer goods business.

Prisha earned an MBA from IIM Calcutta and holds a graduate degree in BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Delhi University


Jodie Kroll


Jodie Kroll is a member of the ADASAKI Partnership Network.

Ms. Kroll has more than 10 years of consulting experience in a broad range of industrial sectors, including energy & environment, infrastructure, and business services . She has served clients in the rapidly growing areas of energy efficiency, smart power, energy storage and the circular economy.

Ms. Kroll assists clients in defining their strategy and identifying the principal operational and organizational levers for success. She regularly provides strategic advice around the role of technology and the digital economy in accelerating change.


Ms. Kroll holds  a Master of Business Administration at INSEAD.