A dynamic, entrepreneurial culture makes us extraordinarily effective

ADASAKI is a diverse mix of talents who combine creative strategies with analytical rigor. A uniquely open, non-hierarchical culture allows new thinking to surface quickly, making us an ideal advisor for entrepreneurs in rapidly changing environments.


We value exceptional types, people with intelligence, energy, passion, emotional sensitivity, at times misunderstood but always with a commitment to excellence. We refuse to compromise by partnering or working with those who do not share our values or standards. We believe that if we have common aspirations and no artificial barriers to advancement, then exceptional people will realize their potential which clients can benefit from.

Patience is not always the best solution, it can be overrated

Making lasting contributions 

We are passionate about getting results. We are intellectually curious and energetic, searching for ideas, insights, solutions and techniques to achieve goals.

Commitment to doing what is right

We believe that getting to the best answer starts with integrity: the integrity to avoid an answer that might be acceptable to a client and earn us money but that we don’t believe is the right answer; integrity to be dissatisfied with an answer that cuts corners; integrity to avoid intellectual laziness, or fail to correct mistakes. We believe if we are committed to doing the right thing, then we will always deliver the truth to our clients and to each other. Doing the right thing extends to all of our behaviors inside and outside the firm. How do we do this? We believe in a values-driven approach and we have strong sanctions for doing what is wrong or acting against our values. We look to constantly reinforce this value in client project execution and more generally throughout the firm.

Hunger for deeper understanding

Intellectual curiosity is a valued trait. As a firm, we are intellectually curious. We are deeply interested in business and technical issues, in what drives people, in what makes change happen, and in what impedes progress. We pursue that curiosity with hunger and energy to dig deeper and think harder about things until we get to the core of the issue. This enables us to find the insight or idea that sparks a deeper understanding of any issue and lets us provide the right solution to client problems in order to reach results. How do we do this? We support gaining a deeper understanding with processes that support the development and sharing of leading edge ideas and content. We promote the external celebration of knowledge and solutions, by partnering with best in class.

Constantly striving for excellence

For us, the search for excellence never ends. We think this mindset is what allows exceptional people to develop great solutions. It is the foundation for the high standards that drive us all. We are rarely satisfied - we think everything can be improved, and we believe in constant innovation. Finding a better way to do things drives continuous progress each and every day. How do we do this ? We provide rigorous training on client-project delivery, including project design and scoping. We embed creativity, innovation and excecution excellence in all review processes. We encourage investment in the exploration of important issues that will expand the boundaries of our knowledge.

Insistence on impact

We are also here to have an impact, to make a difference. We are not interested in good ideas left on the shelf, or good ideas badly expressed. We believe that finding the right answer is a breakthrough, but making the idea tangible and implementable is equally important. We push ourselves to find out how to make a good idea into a solution and from there into a tangible outcome. That means working with clients, not just working for them. It means finding language that everyone understands. It means clarity and integrity from high-level messages for senior decision makers to specific actions for those whose job it is to make things happen. How do we do this? We welcome payment terms based on the quality of our delivery and performance and encourage systematic reviews with clients on the implementation of our work.

Individuality and differences

We believe that by harnessing the power of individuality and embracing our differences we will come up with better solutions for ourselves and for our clients. We encourage real debate, and look to bring different angles to bear on a problem to actively challenge linear and conventional thinking. We also believe that individuals shape our firm, and through harnessing the ability of individuals effectively in teams, we will succeed. We live by the mantra “you shape us” not “we shape you.” How do we do this? We focus on tailored development programs, avoiding pushing all professionals toward a common “average” profile, embracing spikes in capabilities and working to find roles that harness these in teams. We actively construct teams with a view to creating a mix of capabilities, thought processes and angles to help solve problems.

Trusting our clients

We value trust. We require trust amongst ourselves to operate effectively, whether independently or in teams, and to share valuable resources and ideas. We also require trust between us to enable a sense of belonging and well-being. Operating in an environment without trust is corrosive and soul-destroying. We also need the trust of our clients in order to be effective, and we understand that we regularly need to earn their trust through our actions. In order to make lasting contributions to our clients, we must, each day, earn the role of trusted advisors. How do we do this? Our internal processes assume trust rather than holding back access until trust is proven. We strive for an open "Best Foot Forward" system with fully shared intellectual capital, client contact information, and transparent communication. We aim for the active promotion of client trust through our values (such as always doing what is right, always delivering impact), and we include an emphasis in our incentives and development around recognizing trusted relationships. We have an obsession with the rigorously careful treatment of client confidential information. We regard breaches of trust as a serious departure from our values.

True success is reaching our goals without compromising our values

ADASAKI is comprised of thought leaders who have been working together for several years. We select partner with specific people for each project, regardless of where they are based reach the result. Assembling a motivated and incentivized group of individual experts who are also gifted collaborators, with large networks – across disciplines, and at every level in client organizations. We only engage where we can add genuine value.

It's about working together, engaging in a rich dialogue with our clients and offering them the most robust solutions crafted by experience - to reach results

Confidence to thrive together

Our network of people feel confident that they can succeed, and are also clear that their diverse contribution is expected to produce the innovative solutions we offer to our clients. That is why our approach focuses greatly on culture.  We believe every dimension of diversity - including background, experiences, and thought – should be nourished and valued.  We share this responsibility and work together to create the culture we want to live in.

What does this mean for our clients?

ADASAKI builds genuine long-term partnerships with clients based on a powerful collaborative culture that is completely results-driven, sharing their entrepreneurial mindset. Working with our clients - and not intervening on them, we truly team up to create beneficial opportunities, and no pre-exisiting bias for or against existing processes or practices, we speak our minds, challenging ourselves and our clients to produce innovative solutions. This is how our approach to inclusion and diversity allow us to create genuine value. Walk through our doors and you’ll find a unique group of passionate and unique entrepreneurs.

Inclusion and diversity values

From all partnerships engaged participation, strong values shape our daily interactions, business strategies, and culture. It takes collective will and commitment to build a truly inclusive culture. We work daily to create a sense of community and we value unique contributions. This includes understanding who we are as individuals - our distinct values, motivators, strengths. Learning about each other and forming meaningful and trusting relationships. Pushing past our comfort zones to seek perspectives that differ from our own. Sharing boundaries and limitations honestly. Providing honest and meaningful feedback. Participating actively in firm decision-making. 


We believe inclusion drives diversity, and diversity enables better business outcomes, making us collectively better.